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Always with you
Oh no, my dear. That doesn’t look good...
Thomas stopped for a moment to browse his closet. He turned and looked around the room. Was that only in his mind or maybe someone has been here and said something? No, no. He was alone, so it must be just mishearing. In his age it happens. He reached for shirt and waistcoat.
No, Tom, please. That's a bad combination, trust me.
And again. He shook his head and tried to focus at this, what he should do, but that voice... That voice. Her voice. Is this really could be happening?
Take the green, a darker shade. It will fit into a bright shirt.
He hesitated, but finally did as she told to him. But then he thought. Is he insane? Possible. He shook his head again and then reached for the dark red breeches.
Oh, darling, please... Green will be good. Green or grey. Just trust me...
Of course he trusted her. That's why he changed his mind again.
Yes, that's good. So now-...
:iconel-chan:El-chan 9 7
a promise
Martha had fought all day against a headache so horrid it felt as if it might split her skull in two, yet, it wasn’t important: the spinning of the room, the fever, the pain in every muscle and bone… it would all be over soon. They were both so familiar with Death, they knew it was coming.
“Tom…” a weak voice whispered from the bed.
“Yes my dear?”
“I… want you to promise me something.”
Thomas brushed his hand over her curly hair, so red, so colorful in contrast to her almost blue lips and pale grey skin. He lay next to her on the bed and she went on:
“When… you have the desire to get married again, you—“
“I will not get married again.”
A smile appeared on her face at these words. Despite being surrounded by kin and servants, Thomas was so close that this conversation was only theirs. Through the bed sheets, Martha could feel the regular and strong pulse of his h
:iconnami64:nami64 108 55
I feel old
"I feel old."
"You’re just tired, Patty…"
For over three months he had been repeatedly saying she was ‘just’ tired, as if a good night of sleep could improve the state of her health. It was a lie. A reassuring lie. They both knew it.
"No. I feel… old," she said again lying in bed, her hands accentuating her words.
And Thomas almost smiled.
"You know, my love", he replied while brushing locks of hair from her sweaty forehead, “the first time I stared at you, really stared at you, your eyes captivated me."
Those eyes frowned slightly.
"What do you mean?"
"Their deep hazel color, and… I know it will sound odd, but", evaluating the most truthful words to express his idea, he paused, “I could read dozens of lives in them."
"For a Cartesian mind like yours, it is indeed surprising…" Martha whispered in a giggle.
"In some cultures and civilizations, it is indeed plausible," the lawyer retorted with amusement. “It
:iconnami64:nami64 135 74
it's time...
Martha could distinguish whispers but no clear voices: four, maybe five unidentifiable faces were standing in the dark room, waiting. But on the edge of her bed, a familiar warmth and companion.
-It's time… she murmured just for him.
-No, not yet, Thomas leaned to peck her sweaty forehead, Not now, my dearest dear. A few locks of his ginger hair brushed her cheeks and she suddenly wondered when was the last time he left her bedside to rest or refresh. Her lips curled up in a weak smile at his words.
Knuckles whited by the disease, Martha's fingers gripped his sleeve to pull him closer.
-Tom, we… both met Death enough in our lives to recognize when it is coming…
Her chest rose and fell again. He could feel each of her breath on his own lips, each of her breath getting heavier than the previous one, each of her breath killing his sweet Patty.
-… and… I always knew… that I would go before you—
Thomas prayed for her. During hours. Far from any witness eye
:iconnami64:nami64 73 40
Love, Blood and Tears: Chapter 1
Love, Blood & Tears
Chapter 1:
*Note: Chapter 1 and 2 are more like an extended prologue than anything.  I cover a lot of ground in the first two chapters.  The story slows down after that.  The first two chapters basically cover little aspects that you need to know as the story progesses.  Please don't let the first two chapter deter you from reading on.  Thank you!
"I'm proud of you kid," said Anderson.  
"Just remember you were a human before you were a Spectre, you represent all of humanity with your actions," said Udina.  
"I won't let you down," said Shepard confidently.
Anderson stepping down and giving Shepard the Normandy? It didn't feel right to her.  Pushing papers wasn't his thing but he wanted to give her every chance to succeed in this mission.  She knew how much this meant to him and she wasn't going to let
:iconturian-lover:Turian-Lover 159 41
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